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~Atmospheric Rhythmic~

Wherever light shines, an equal darkness grows. The brighter the light, the deeper and darker it's shadow. Course, the two are needed for the world to function correctly. As the light gets stronger it's shadow grows larger, and when the shadow grows larger it magnifie the light. Or, well, at least how we view it.

And in the light of the new heroes rested Jacollo, a small sableye living inside a cave that overlooked the valley. His claws tapped against his chin as the shadows danced along the cave wall, reminding him of how annoying said shadows can be.

"Will you calm down already? I'm trying to focus!" He shouted at them, with his main one slinking back to the ground. "Now... if they were able to keep Gideon at bay... perhaps it's time for me to pay Lorune a visit, hmm?"

"And who is this Lorune?" Came a feminine voice, very close to where Jacollo was sitting. A few feet away, in one of the many dark corners of the cave, came a rumbling that shook the cavern's floor! Coming at a full stand, was a gigalith.

"And more importantly, how can I help~?" She, asked.

Jacollo chuckled, having for once been happy of her arrival.

"Lorune is a place, dear. You see that village down there, at the base of the valley?" He asked, pointing at the small town the cave looked out over.

The gigalith blinked, or at least that's what it appeared the rock creature was doing, as she steps towards the edge of the cave, ground shaking with each step she took.

"Ohhhh, I see! But what's so important about that place?" Asked the rock, her head tilting to the side a bit.

"They say some heroes have arrived there." Jacollo answered, pacing back and forth at the mouth of the cave.

"They even managed to contain a bug friend of mine who went on a psychotic rampage." He explained, turning back to the gigalith. "So Roxy, how about we give them a formal introduction?"

The sentient rock lass would give him a nod, trotting around him excitedly, while also causing the ground to shake quite a bit! "Sounds good to me~"

Jacollo moved his shadow out to part a set of rocks blocking the path down the mountain side before hopping on her back. "Now, hopefully they've learned to make reinforced foundations."

Roxy would hum happily, and start to make the descent down the mountain path, humming all the while and trotting along, each step the rock made causing quite a bit of shaking to the ground below. "If they don't, then I'm sure they'll learn~"

~Rhythmic Shift~

As they arrived into the town it still appeared to be a bit shaken up from repeated attacks on the citizenry, however now they had an odd aura of confidence to them. That said, Roxy's quaking steps did rumble the buildings as they strolled into town.

The rock beast cared not for the strange looks, or the foul words that would be thrown her way as she walked through town, shaking it's very foundations in the most literal sense.

"So who are we looking for?" She asks, seeming a bit overjoyed about the trip.

Jacollo looked around before pointing his claw at a sandslash that had been posing and talking to some crowd. "That one."

Roxy gave a vigorous nod, and proceeded to head to the sandslash, shaking the ground! "Hello!" She called out, her greeting stretched into a flirty tone

Shilk turned around and waved at the strangers. "Hey! You here for autographs too?" He asked, a cheery look on his face.

"Close, congratulations. We're so happy to hear that the Gideon fellow has been apprehended thanks to you." Jacollo pointed out, having a cheery look on his face.

Roxy would once again give another set of vigorous nods, trotting happily around Shilk.

"Indeed! So happy that baddy bug has been taken cared of!" She reiterated in her giddy demeanor.

"All in a days work for a hero!" He assured, leaning up against a torkoal next to him.

"Aint that right, Koal?" He asked, turning to it.

"W-Well, uh, actually I was the one who beat him, b-but Shilk had a much larger role in the fight!" It answered honestly.

"Pfft, you all did good jobs! It's nice to know this town has some heroes to help it along!" She says, stopping her trotting about, and lowered her head, as if to let Jacollo off.

As Jacollo stepped down to the ground a low growl could be heard from behind them. He turned around to find an absol holding a steady ground.

"...and what's your problem?" He asked, getting no reply at first.

Roxy would feel the sudden urge to interject at this point, and turned around, leaned down to get her head level with Nightshade's. "Are you grumpy because of my trotting? Because if so, I don't give a ratatta's bum~"

Nightshade turned her gaze to the gigalith, knowing better than to try and snap her jaws at a giant hunk of rock.

"Leave us." She ordered, growling still.

"Uh, Night? What's up?" Shilk asked, gently shaking her side.

The rock creature would frown a bit, internally of course since she had no mouth, and backed off a good bit, to let the "grown ups" talk and whatnot. "Hmph..."

Jacollo frowned as well.

"Now that isn't a good way to greet those here to help you, is it?" He asked, getting a growl in response.

"Absol sense disaster, and you two are flooded in it. More than just her stomping." The absol pointed out, holding herself in a combat ready stance.

The aforementioned rock beast would let out another small huff, keeping silent, while tapping the ground idly, which made a bit of a shaking.

Jacollo gazed straight into her eyes, his own gems glistening in the sun. " that how it is? No wonder your kind is going extinct." He pointed out, huffing as his shadow flickered unnaturally along the ground.

"You wont fool me, ghost." Nightshade assured, holding her ground.

He sighed and shrugged. "What would I fool you with. Frankly I was terrified to come into town because of that creature, but now even a weak man like me can walk freely." He explained, though something in his voice was a bit too calm.

"Seriously Nightshade, let's not pick another fight right after we got done with one." Shilk pointed out. Nightshade glared at them for a moment before relaxing herself.

"...Still, I don't trust them." She reminded.

"Hmph, you dark types don't trust anyone." Jacollo pointed out, ironic as it may be, as he hopped onto Roxy's back. "Come Roxy, let's continue our venture."

Roxy would then nod, and lower her neck, offering him to get on once more. "Come then darling, let us go see what this backwater town has to offer~" She said with a cheery tone.

would then guide her towards the small jailhouse the town had, chuckling as he got off.

"Now wait here for me, I need to talk to someone." He told her, gently kissing her cheek before walking inside.

The rock beast would somehow blush, a bit of red showing up on her rocky cheeks as she nods, and sets herself down in a sitting position, more or less. "I'll be here, my love~"

~Rhythmic Shift~

Gideon pressed his claws against his face, a clang resounding as his back slammed against the cell bars. They didn't scream like this, they never screamed like this, but now he'd failed them. He couldn't kill anyone anymore, he couldn't even hurt anyone and that had always been enough to quiet them to a dull murmur, but now they were screaming SCREAMING and couldn't they see that he'd tried? He'd tried so hard to please them, but no. He'd made a mistake, gotten himself trapped, and all they would do was jeer at him while he writhed in this cell, no release, not even death. He whipped his head back and howled, joining his mental chorus as more clangs pealed through the jail.

"Shut up already!" The pangoro shouted as the door opened, revealing a small sableye standing there and waving.

"If you don't mind I would like to see the prisoner." He offered.

"He's not taking visitors, no get out!" The pangoro assured, soon getting the sableye's shadow popping up into his jaw to knock him back.

"I'm sorry, but that wasn't exactly open ended." He pointed out, pleasantly strolling on to the jail area.

Gideon's internal cacophony had passed its climax, and he fell into a relative silence, one occasionally punctuated by the sound of his body impacting the bars once more. Still, he paid little attention to the conversation going on nearby, his focus all but completely absorbed by his thoughts.

Jacollo brought himself up to the bars, his arms hanging between them as he grinned happily.

"Come now Gideon, its not the end. I've came to free you from that awful prison." He spoke, laughing lightly.

Gideon slumped against the floor, opening his eyes as he finally came to a rest. What did he say? Freedom? He could already feel them quiet down to excited whispers as the Sableye spoke, questions about their identity falling to the wayside.

"Are you... one of them?" he asked in a hushed whisper.

Jacollo chuckled lightly. "No, I'm something far greater. I am the shadow casted by the light, and I'm here to care for those who have sunken into the abyss." He answered, holding out a hand. "Hold up your bindings and I shall give you a chance at redemption against the light."

Gideon immediately thrust his claws forward, accidentally slamming them into the bars with his enthusiasm. What the gleaming thing was saying, about redeeming against the light... little of it made sense to him. But this was someone who wanted to help him, help him escape and appease the voices. And what else was there for him to know?

Jacollo raised up a hand, shadows forming out to form claws at his finger tips as slashed straight through the bindings. "You are now free to do as you like." He assured, chuckling darkly as he begun to walk off.

Gideon gleefully pried his claws open and shut several times, as if testing them out. With them freed, he made short work of the lock, the cell door swinging open as he took a tentative step outside.

"T-thank you.. thank you!" he cried out, a malicious joy seeping into his demeanor.

Jacollo looked back with a pleased grin.

"However, if I were you I'd do myself a favor and lay low for a bit. Come out too soon and you'll only meet the same fate." He suggested, heading out of the building.

Gideon paused at his words. Lay low for a bit? He could tell... he could tell that they were only going to stay so quiet for so long if he didn't continue. But... maybe he could make do for a little while. Stay away from the town and look for some work in the wild... and then he could return once they were satisfied by his performance. A determined look made it to his eyes as he nodded in response.
New Gaia Ravers, Chapter 2: The Valley Shadow
Though Gideon is imprisoned, a new darkness rises in his place.

>tfw have had this completed for months but forgot to post it
Though take caution that I have no idea how much editing I did before hand and that I doooon't feel like editing it tonight. Will probably do that later.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Name: Only goes by "Necro"
Species/Race & Gender: Suspected Revenant, Male
Occupation: Unknown

Appearance: Necro is a pale, almost deathly character. Bald, thin, and wears classic vampiric clothing to highlight this. Beyond his gothic (and sometimes gaudy) attire, however, Necro has very few noticeable features; barring his lack of a nose.

Personality: Necro is an almost stereotypical "life of the party" type of character. He often inserts himself into things to try and have fun, often bringing a crew of skeletons representing different national stereotypes. He's often playful, to an obnoxious level, and constantly acts drunk even though its suspected that alcohol has no effect on him.

Likes: Company, attention, himself
Dislikes: Being ignored, fizzy drinks, depressing people
Talents: Having an abundance of energy, summoning "intelligent" skeletons, annoying others with his attention whoring.

Sample quotes:
"Boys, shall we get the party started?"
"Shame only the dead truly know how to live, eh?"
"Let loose, the night is still young!"
Farside Regular: Necro
The life and death of the party has arrived! Necro and his merry band of skeletons is ready for whatever the night has in store!

Feel free to ask anything about Necro and I'll add it to the Profile, should I deem it important information.


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Welp, I made the group for it. Hopefully there wont be too much chaos while I'm gone.

Anyone wanna help me manage the place so things can stay up-to-date during those frequent days when I can't access my computer?
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