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Thought I'd start a donation pool towards commissioning, donating to other people, and whatever else I may need points for. Feel free to donate what you can, but I wont make you if you don't want to or can't.

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This world, this... "station." They say that a lot of people come here in their dreams. Not normal people though, people with... power, I guess. It's a strange place, where the pitch black seems to emit some soft glow. I don't really understand this place, but a dream is but a dream. 

The floor below me seems to be made out of stain glass, yet even if I activated my armor and slammed down on it I feel as though it would not break. In fact, I would imagine it could even survive the power of my Caster, should I open fire. I walk to the edge and look over, seeing the endless darkness below this column I stand upon. It feels as if I am staring into the depths of the sea, though the last time I had such a chance beyond this strange dream world was rather long ago. Still, I shan't forget that feeling of vertigo as I felt the need to jump into it's depths.

In fact, now that I think of it the first time I drempt of this place I did just that. I dove from the boat down into the water, falling through an utterly lifeless sea until I reached the station I stand upon now. This makes the third dream I've had of this station, and the first where things begin to... change.

This time as I awake on the station, before me stood my three best friends. However, they seem different than before. My knife, caster, and rifle are stylized much differently than before. My knife has this odd back blade that seems to give it axe-like properties, the sights on my caster are replaced with these odd protrusions, and my rifle seems to have a git of both. As I gaze upon them a voice rings in my head.

Soon as one they shall be...
        Witness the forms your new friend shall take...

What this could mean I do not know, but I feel whoever it is may be right.  They all share the same magical signature, the same ethereal DNA. I do not understand how this is, though I do sometimes wonder whether or not these dreams may be true...
Diving to the Heart
I have a lot of projects left unfinished and open ended as is, but I figured I'd throw this one out with the Kingdom Hearts craze going on. I'll be redesigning some of my KH fan characters to be more in line with things introduced in 3 as news of it seeps in, starting with the transformative properties of my own Keyblade Wielder's signature Keygun.

Might do up some pictures to go with this too if I remember.
Madness Practice by Dyxo
Madness Practice
Tried tracing a basic grunt the other day. Thinking of taking up the Madness artstyle once I can into hands for a comic I wanna make regarding the series. I've always been a fan of Krinkles' artstyle, so I thought I'd take a swing at it.

Hands are bullshit, feet are bullshit, no idea where else to categorize it.
>>PASSCODE: ********

...Hey guys! I'm here instead of the scheduled Christmas special! As you can see Writer fancies himself an artist right now! Course I don't have legs or ARMS so that's up for question. Look at my hair even, god.

Still, despite his shortcomings I'm here to assure you that with New Years' Writer will be able to actually work on stuff again!


...Aaaanyways, hohoho and a merry Scherzomas!
So I haven't done much, but later today or tomorrow I'm going to dump a bunch of pictures I drew for people this year.

Don't think I'm gonna necessarily say who they were for, but if they want to go on and say "ayy, that's the one I got!" then I'm not stopping them.

Also, if anyone else wants me to try drawing them something comment below. I dunno when I'll get around to it, but I'll do it eventually unless I forget.
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Dyxo Xinoro
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a raising author who plans to go into Videogame Design. My specialties are in Character Design and Scenario Design, and am willing to help you in your projects in whatever way I can so long as proper credit is given.

Current projects:
Team Gaia Raver reintegration story
Fire Emblem LP
Obligatory freewiting slot
Original Mythos
Chrono Trigger Dissidia Movelists

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