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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Name: Only goes by "Necro"
Species/Race & Gender: Suspected Revenant, Male
Occupation: Unknown

Appearance: Necro is a pale, almost deathly character. Bald, thin, and wears classic vampiric clothing to highlight this. Beyond his gothic (and sometimes gaudy) attire, however, Necro has very few noticeable features; barring his lack of a nose.

Personality: Necro is an almost stereotypical "life of the party" type of character. He often inserts himself into things to try and have fun, often bringing a crew of skeletons representing different national stereotypes. He's often playful, to an obnoxious level, and constantly acts drunk even though its suspected that alcohol has no effect on him.

Likes: Company, attention, himself
Dislikes: Being ignored, fizzy drinks, depressing people
Talents: Having an abundance of energy, summoning "intelligent" skeletons, annoying others with his attention whoring.

Sample quotes:
"Boys, shall we get the party started?"
"Shame only the dead truly know how to live, eh?"
"Let loose, the night is still young!"
Farside Regular: Necro
The life and death of the party has arrived! Necro and his merry band of skeletons is ready for whatever the night has in store!

Feel free to ask anything about Necro and I'll add it to the Profile, should I deem it important information.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Name: Jacollo Armani
Species/Race & Gender: Male, species unknown. Suspected to be some form of imp or demon.
Occupation: Entrepreneur. Claims to be in charge of a large corporation, but most of its products are signed off through other companies.

Appearance: Though entirely normal in appearance, especially with the modest business suit he wears, Jacollo's purple garb and hair tends to catch eyes. He also has long, pointy, and mangled ears poking out through his hair, sharp - almost triangular - teeth, glossy amber eyes, and bony hands that tend to make him stand out. Additionally, his cane is somewhat ornate, with the handle being a large, yellow topaz bulb and the rest being a thick, dark wood with gold rings along the top. He is often compared to goblins or mangled elves because of his odd features.

Personality: Jacollo has a somewhat lighthearted nature, but takes business and finance as first priority in all his actions. Second, of course, being finesse and his own vanity. He is a very precise person despite this, however, even if his somewhat awkward way of speaking betrays him. Jacollo has a few hidden sides, however, most of which only being shown through his shadow mocking or intimidating people.

Likes: Successful business, investors, tasty drinks.
Dislikes: Sensitive/personal questions, naive inventors/entrepreneurs, most hard liquor.
Talents: Jacollo has a firm grip over economy and business, but his true talent lies in his ability to puppeteer his shadow and use it to manipulate others. He can also "pop up" his shadow to temporarily give it a three-dimensional shape, but only for short periods of time.

Sample quotes:
"Greetings and Salutations, Jacollo Armani at your service."
"Business is my specialty, Sir. Lets not forget this."
"Calling me a Devil is hardly a far comparison, my deals rarely fall through."
Farside Regulars: Jacollo
A central character to many business or economic stories regarding the Farside Pub, and often deals in more subtle stories.

Feel free to ask anything about Jacollo and I'll add it to the Profile, should I deem it important information.

Welp, I made the group for it. Hopefully there wont be too much chaos while I'm gone.

Anyone wanna help me manage the place so things can stay up-to-date during those frequent days when I can't access my computer?
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Name: Only goes by "Barkeep"
Species/Race & Gender: Caucasian Male 
Occupation: Barkeeper and Pubmaster for the Farside Pub

Appearance: Despite having the balding, grey hair of an old man, most of the Barkeep's physical appearance makes up that of a thin, middle aged man. Smoother - but not youthful - facial features, somewhat meaty build without being actually "large", somewhat short for his assumed age, and dressed in old fashion clothing resembling the generic barkeeper outfits in Western films.

Personality: Despite his gruff voice, snappy remarks, and thick Texan/Southern US accent the Barkeep is actually one of the more gentle regulars to his tavern. He will serve anyone just about anything (though he will comment upon their tastes in drinks) and will at least try to be fair to his customers. On the other hand, should trouble start he is willing to step in and try to break things up before his security force needs to get involved.

Likes: Hard liquor and cider (both virgin and alcoholic)
Dislikes: Troublesome customers, men drinking anything he deems to be a "sissy" hard beverage.
Talents: Mixing drinks, keeping (most of) his customers happy, has an exceptional memory for his age.

Sample quotes:
"Welcome to Farside, what can I serve you?"
"Don't mind anything odd you see. Most people say that this place is run by the Devil himself, but my customers tend to find it rather cozy."
"A real man ordering a real drink, that's good to hear."
Farside Regulars: Barkeep
The first (and most important) of the Farside Regulars series. This is merely to help get the Farside Pub group off it's feet for next Halloween.

Feel free to ask anything about Barkeep and I'll add it to the Profile, should I deem it important information.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Children look for monsters in odd places. Under the bed, in their closet, outside their window. Really, monsters are all around us, but they take the form of people. People with money and ambition. However, every once in a while, you find a monster that doesn't desire to hide his true nature.

Just last year a friend of mine found one of these monsters, a master of mercantile, who flew him to the moon only to drive him under. Simon Winters was a good friend of mine, and I was planning to blow the lid off the man who ruined him.


Farside Pub. That's where he said they'd met before Simon disappeared. It looked like a pretty average place for a middle-of-nowhere roadside bar, but I've heard rumors of the place having some weird patrons. Demi-humans, undead, demons, the list goes on. I didn't believe a bit of it, though.

"Hey there, what can I get goin' for ya?" The barkeep asked as I walked in. He had a thick southern accent, as I expected, and was cleaning a glass. The pub was pretty empty, only with a few off-looking characters here and there. Some dudes dressed up as animals, a younger chick in 1960's provocative clothing, and some skinny dude dressed up as Dracula arguing with the otherwise nondescript security guard.

"A glass of Scotch," I ordered, figuring it'd be the most appropriate thing here that wouldn't get me too drunk, "-and information on a guy."

"Oh yeah? What's his name?" He asked, pouring a small glass for me.

"Jacollo Armani. I've been told he's a regular here." I answer. This made him stop and look at me, as if analyzing my expression. I had a straight face, and tried to keep anything from showing through.

"...Ol' Jack? A city slicker like you should probably stay away from him. Good customer for who he is, but not exactly the business man he claims to be. Anyways, he's a regular here sure enough but I hadn't seen him in a while." He answered, handing me my drink. "Though he's like the Devil in that merely speaking his name can make him appear."

"That's hardly a fair comparison." A faint Yankee accent spoke from behind me. The accent itself was almost hard to hear with the sophisticated tone in front of it. An unsettling man sat down next to me. Though he seemed human at first glance, his features were like that of either a mangled, Tolken-esque elf or an exceptionally well groomed goblin. Further more, much of his color palette seemed to have an obsession with purple. Purple business suit, purple tie, purple hair, even his eyes had a violet glow to them.

"See, what'd I tell ya? Anyways, came here to order a real man's drink for once?" He asked. I couldn't tell if he was genuinely annoyed or just making fun of this odd business man, but regardless the half-goblin laughed it off.

"No, no, I'll just have a Redbull this time." He answered, turning to me. "Excuse us, I heard you were looking for me. Are you an investor, or an entrepreneur?" Jacollo asked. I knew this had to be him, as he matched the description Simon had given me.

"I'm here to offer something for that new smartphone that your company came out with a while back." I answer, trying to hide my true intentions.

"Ah! Mr. Winter's invention! Of course, but why not speak to him personally?" He asked, his voice almost mocking.

"I think you know why." I reply. I must have been visibly angered by this, as he grew a more sinister smile.

"My boy, you must be Mr. Rodgers. Winter's friend, right?" He asked, his shadow flickering as if he had busted into laughter.

"How did you-"

"I own the computers he sent emails from. I know of your investigations on his disappearance, and seek answers yes?" He asked, opening the Redbull with his bony fingers and handing it to me. "Please take a drink, caffeine is an anti-psychotic you know."

Just so everyone's on the same page, scotch and Redbull is a weird combination of flavors. Not bad, just weird.

"Yes, I'm here to ask about Simon Winters. As well as the finer details of your agreement with him." I answer, with him gaining a more serious look. Though the way his teeth clenched together in their almost triangular points it seemed hard for him to fully close his mouth, but when he did it was as if his mouth disappeared entirely.

"Well, I can't disclose everything, company policy and all that, but I can tell you all I'm allowed." He answered, stroking his chin. "Mr. Winters couldn't pay back what he owed, you see, so we had to recollect in another manner. The details of which I... would rather not speak of, only that Mr. Winters is in safe hands for the time being."

"Then why has he vanished-" Another interruption.

"Because we can't have him running off with company funds or property, now can we? Mr. Rodgers you must understand that Simon is alright, but he must remain isolated until we can reclaim our investment." He explained, his voice much calmer than merely five minutes ago.

"...if I worked with or for him, could I see him?" I ask after taking another drink of my scotch.

"That... would be tricky, but I suppose you could." He answered, his grin growing again. The barkeep glanced me a worried expression, but didn't speak his mind. "Come, I'll take you to see him." He offered, getting up.

We walked together out into the parking lot, but as I stepped out I felt this odd sinking feeling. Not like the one people get in their chest when something bad happens, but like my whole body is sinking into the floor.

"You two get to talk and work as much as you like now Mr. Rodgers." He assured me as we hopped into the car. And then everything seemed much more flat...
Farside Pub: More Shady Business
---Part 1---

A sequel to last years Shady Business, showing off another (possibly more serious) side of Jacollo's character. Though he is still a chiper person, a lot of dark secrets hide under that fancy suit of his.

Fun fact, this is actually the third version of this story's plot. It's gone through some interesting changes, such as Simon Winters originally being the protagonist again before switching to Rodgers (who, in turn, was originally unrelated to Winters).

Happy Halloween everyone, and feel free to pop into the Farside Pub if ya ever find yourself thirsty and a long way from home!


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Welp, I made the group for it. Hopefully there wont be too much chaos while I'm gone.

Anyone wanna help me manage the place so things can stay up-to-date during those frequent days when I can't access my computer?
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Dyxo Xinoro
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I am a raising author who plans to go into Videogame Design. My specialties are in Character Design and Scenario Design, and am willing to help you in your projects in whatever way I can so long as proper credit is given.

Current projects:
Team Gaia Raver reintegration story
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